Traditional White Weddings

The white dress, the groom waiting for his bride, all the trimmings taken care of leading up to the magic moment of “ I Do” creates a traditional white wedding and is one of the most important moments in a couples life.

There is a modern Australian tradition for weddings emerging with marriage taking place outside of a religious context.

The focus of the wedding ceremony is now the couples story. Every engaged couple has a beautiful story.

Listening to your journey and writing it into the ceremony is one of the most aspects of my job as your celebrant. Delivering a ceremony that reflects your love and life together is the most rewarding thing of all.


Choosing Your Wedding Details

Most of the writing can be achieved via email. I’ll send lots of info and options you can look through at a time that suits and allows for privacy to make choices of the “I do” moment “Exchange of Vows” and “Ring Exchange” plus readings etc. I’ll keep things on track, write the ceremony and organise a rehearsal time usually within 2 weeks of the big day. If you’re travelling to Sydney for the occasion, Skype is a great for long distance rehearsals, our first interview, or writing sessions. Then there is the legal paperwork, you will need to sign a Notice of Intent to Marry at least one month before the wedding and I take care of the preparing the marriage certificates, writing the ceremony and registering the marriage. At our first free chat I’ll talk you through the entire process and if you choose to trust me with your precious wedding I’ll guide you all the way through till that final kiss!

Preparation of Marriage Paperwork

As your celebrant I provide assistance with the paperwork that comes with planning your wedding. It is my job to create all relevant marriage documents and certificates plus register the marriage. Registered Marriage Celebrants in Sydney and across Australia have the same qualification, and it’s our job to ensure all the paperwork is completed to the satisfaction of the N.S.W Dept. of Birth Deaths & Marriages. Take a look at the ‘ Legals & Notice of Intent to Marry’ page. On this page you will find a list of paperwork you are required to provide me in order to register your marriage successfully.

Initially we can chat on the phone or email and confirm I am available on your chosen date. If you choose to move forward with me as your celebrant, next step is to sign a Notice of Intent to Marry. Then we can start planning the ceremony.