Same Sex Marriage Celebrant in Sydney

Both the people and parliament have spoken. Same-sex marriage is legal at last! This is great news for all concerned, especially those who can now celebrate their love the way they choose to. It also means I’m proud to offer gay and lesbian couples my services as a Same Sex Marriage Celebrant. ALL couples are equal in the eyes of the law, finally. After all, marriage is for everyone.

My role is to help craft an enjoyable, engaging wedding day that you will remember for the rest of your life, and to tell your story through the ceremony itself.

Same Sex Marriage. Your Wedding, Your Way

The process of hiring and working with a same-sex marriage celebrant is exactly the same as my other services. It’s tailored to your tastes, interests, and budget. Maybe you want a more traditional wedding. Or something a bit more fun and quirky? An extravagant occasion, or something quick, convenient, and low-key? My services have always been about celebrating the diversity of love. I’ll be happy to work closely with you to plan and deliver an LGBT-friendly wedding that represents and celebrates your relationship, in the way you envision.

The Legal Stuff

I know you’ve got enough on your plate. Wedding planning is fun but all consuming. After all, you don’t want the paperwork to be a worry. All you want is to enjoy the day itself. We need to make sure the legal side of things is taken care of though. So let me handle all of this. The process will be quickly and conveniently managed! All relevant paperwork must be completed to the satisfaction of the NSW Dept. of Births, Deaths & Marriages. There’s no need to stress because part of my job as a civil marriage celebrant is to get all of this sorted. Find out a bit more on our Legals page or get in touch and we can go through this together. 

Celebrate Your Love at Last

If you’re looking to find a friendly, reliable same-sex marriage celebrant, who will listen to your needs. Then craft a ceremony that is unforgettable, uplifting that will live long in the memory. Then you’re in the right place! I’d love to talk you through the process, so feel free to get in touch and your dream wedding will become a reality.

Preparation of Marriage Paperwork

As your celebrant the paperwork that comes with planning your wedding us taken care of. It is my job to make sure all marriage documents and certificates  are in order. Plus I register the marriage online. Registered Marriage Celebrants in Sydney and across Australia have the same qualification. It’s our job to ensure all the paperwork is completed to the satisfaction of the N.S.W Dept. of Birth Deaths & Marriages. Take a look at the ‘ Legals & Notice of Intended Marriage page. On this page you will find a list of paperwork you are required to provide in order to register your marriage successfully.

First we can chat on the phone or email. It’s imporant your date matches my availability. Then if you choose to move forward with me as your celebrant, next step is to sign a Notice of Intended Marriage. After that we can start planning the ceremony.