From simple unadorned vows to a full theatrical event I am here to help you create a unique Sydney wedding that expresses your vision and lifestyle.

In an initial consultation we can discus what type of ceremony you are dreaming of.

As your Sydney marriage celebrant I will inform you of the legal obligations and documentation required.

I consider my role on the day is to maintain calm public authority and deliver the service with warmth, eloquence and grace.

STAGE FRIGHT! I can help ! It's called STAGE CRAFT !

After months ,even years of dreams and practical preparation the most critical element of wedding's can be overlooked. Being on show is exciting but can cause some anxiety and lead to not actually enjoying the ceremony.Learning some simple techniques to overcome your nerves can really make a difference to this once in a lifetime moment.
My previous career in Theatre and Costume design gives me a unique set of skills and resources for my couples to use in preparation for their Sydney Wedding Ceremony . I can call on stage craft skills to guide couples through learning their vows, rehearsing and being comfortable in front of an audience on the day.

Choreography and rehearsal are included in my fee , I encourage get together's to walk through the ceremony, particularly large bridal parties.

Sydney Celebrant Fiona King