Handfasting is an ancient bonding ceremony continuously in use from ancient Celtic times till the present day.It was a legal form of marriage in Scotland till 1939. Historically there are two levels of commitment in Handfasting. A trial betrothal for a year and a day, and a total commitment for forever through time or as long as love lasts.

As an Authorized Marriage Celebrant I can offer fully legal Handfasted marriages.

Handfasting Ceremonies can also be included in same sex commitment ceremonies and as an extra dimension in renewal of vows.

The actual ceremony involves the couple being symbolically tied together at the hands, this is where the term

"tie the knot" comes from.

This ceremony is gaining popularity with modern couples, it is also a nice tie in with the Celtic Harp !

I have a special interest in creating meaningful modern rituals drawn from this

Ancient Cultural Heritage.

Sydney Handfasting Celebrant Fiona King

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