In this fast paced, post church going era, we still needs ritual's and rites of passage to punctuate and honor the important events in our life.

Along with Marriage the most profound, amazing and important event in our lives is the addition to our families of a new life.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to share your joy with family and friends.

The Naming Ceremony follows a format including grandparents,siblings and mentors, guardians or godparents.

A special Naming Certificate is included.

Godparents-mentors-guardians can also be gifted certificates.

Pagan baby naming's are growing in popularity, focusing on the wheel of life,.past present and future; your personal belief system can be reflected in the ceremony.

There are lots of modern ideas for baby naming's. Naming Candles, Horoscope's, Wish boxes, Colored Sand Ceremonies , Fairy Dust ,Showering baby in flower petals or bubbles.

Sydney Celebrant Fiona King