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    Dogs at weddings, so why are couples bringing their dogs to wedding? Well why not! Dogs are family members who like to be included in everything the humans do. Nowadays it’s becoming popular to bring your much loved fur baby to the wedding so they don’t miss out on the fun. You could even extend invites to your friends fur babies. I love dogs at weddings too! My Jack Russell Rescue dog often sits in on first meetings and is sometimes even invited to weddings!

    Dog Tuxedo

    Dogs at Weddings

    Most dogs love attention and have a radar for it. When their humans are standing at the altar its a pretty easy bet that your dog will come down the aisle. Wagging it’s tail as the ring bearer because they love to lap up the attention.

    If it’s a young dog you would like to be ring bearer but is still learning the basics, training for the big day helps. Have the dog walked by whoever will be looking after the pooch on the day towards you as you stand together as a couple. Act like your taking something from the dogs collar. For a positive result give them a round of applause so they feel the love and have the carer walk away with the dog walk or whatever action will happen on the wedding day. Or include your dog in the bridal party and have a bridesmaid or groomsman walk in with the dog. Someone on the bridal party can also look after fur baby during the ceremony.        Mature and chilled dogs will  sit their and enjoy the being part of your pretty pack.



    Amy from Wedding Paws

    Pet Assistants at Weddings

    If the logistics of the day make it hard for you to bring your dog and then manage what will happen to your fur baby after the wedding. Professional wedding day pet assistants can be brought in to care for your fur baby on the the big day.

    Pet assistants care for you dog before, during and after the wedding and return the dog home or continue to be a special friend for the whole day. Amy from Wedding Paws  has been caring for dogs at wedding since 2013. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her role as a wedding pet assistant.


    My Doggy Weddings

    Photos of dogs at my weddings

    My Pixie the wedding dog
    Odin the God - I mean Dog


    Backyard wedding with the furbabies
    Dogs walk down aisle