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  • Dogs at Weddings

    Dogs at weddings, so why are couples bringing their dogs to wedding? Well why not! Dogs are family members who like to be included in everything the humans do. Nowadays it’s becoming popular to bring your much loved fur baby to the wedding so they don’t miss out on the fun. You could even extend invites to your friends fur babies. I love dogs at weddings too! My Jack Russell Rescue dog often sits in on first meetings and is sometimes even invited to weddings!

    Dog Tuxedo

    Dogs at Weddings

    Most dogs love attention and have a radar for it. When their humans are standing at the altar its a pretty easy bet that your dog will come down the aisle. Wagging it’s tail as the ring bearer because they love to lap up the attention.

    If it’s a young dog you would like to be ring bearer but is still learning the basics, training for the big day helps. Have the dog walked by whoever will be looking after the pooch on the day towards you as you stand together as a couple. Act like your taking something from the dogs collar. For a positive result give them a round of applause so they feel the love and have the carer walk away with the dog walk or whatever action will happen on the wedding day. Or include your dog in the bridal party and have a bridesmaid or groomsman walk in with the dog. Someone on the bridal party can also look after fur baby during the ceremony.        Mature and chilled dogs will  sit their and enjoy the being part of your pretty pack.



    Amy from Wedding Paws

    Pet Assistants at Weddings

    If the logistics of the day make it hard for you to bring your dog and then manage what will happen to your fur baby after the wedding. Professional wedding day pet assistants can be brought in to care for your fur baby on the the big day.

    Pet assistants care for you dog before, during and after the wedding and return the dog home or continue to be a special friend for the whole day. Amy from Wedding Paws  has been caring for dogs at wedding since 2013. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her role as a wedding pet assistant.


    My Doggy Weddings

    Photos of dogs at my weddings

    My Pixie the wedding dog
    Odin the God – I mean Dog


    Backyard wedding with the furbabies
    Dogs walk down aisle
  • Visit Australia for Asian Chinese Weddings Sydney

    Visit Australia for Asian Chinese Weddings Sydney.

    Asian Chinese Weddings SydneyFirst of all Sydney Harbour has spectacular Wedding Locations for traditional white weddings. Many Chinese & Asian professionals who have immigrated to Sydney choose mid week weddings. As Families can fly in on a Monday when Hotels are good value. Wednesday Weddings are proving popular.  You can get great deals on reception centres and Harbour Cruise Vessels. Then guests and family fly back home by Friday ! I love Asian Chinese Weddings Sydney.

    Then there are the Starship Sydney and Pontoon  2 amazing glass vessels. So Imagine floating on Sydney Harbour for the wedding and reception where you will be protected from the weather inside a glass boat. Then you will see the joyous faces of your family from China or Asia as they board a vessel at The Opera House! That is a great gift to give everyone who attends a Sydney Harbour Wedding. These photos are of 2 different weddings on Pontoon Wedding and Reception Vessel. Tea ceremony can be done after the wedding ceremony.

    Tea Ceremony Sydney HarbourOther locations to consider are: The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney offers stunning views of the The Opera House and Harbour Bridge in a formal Botanic Garden setting. Another premium wedding location is Hickson Rd Reserve at Circular Quay. Opposite the Opera House and underneath the Harbour Bridge.Then there is Bradfield Park and Blues Point allow Weddings Under 60 guest without a booking fee. It’s first in gets the position and there is always plenty of space to set up a small or large wedding. Bradfield park is perfect for Budget weddings and Elopements. I can offer location suggestions with you budget in mind. I love Asian Chinese Weddings Sydney.

    I’d like to take a moment on to thank the Asian Community. Both in Australia and Asia for their support over the years. Having conducted over 400 weddings I get to meet people from all over the globe. One of the things I love about Australia is how multi cultural Australia is and what a stunning city Sydney is to have a wedding in!

    Asian Chinese Weddings SydneyI’ve been touched by how I have been embraced by the Vietnamese and Chinese communities here in Australia. As well as the Malaysian, Indonesian, Cambodian and Japanese, Korean and Pilipino families I have met along the way. The kindness and cooperation I have received from guests at weddings gives me very warm feelings and memories. I try hard to pronounce all nationalities names and I think getting pretty good at that. If Grandma nods her head and smiles I know I’ve got the couples names correct! Phew! Please call or email for help with your wedding

    Marriage Registration Paperwork

    One months notice must be given to have a legal wedding in Australia and the paperwork. A Notice Of Intent to Marry = NOIM can be signed in your home country before flying in for the wedding. I can give you clear instructions via email on how to do that.

    Bradfield Park WeddingPontoon Wedding Sydney

    Sydney Botanic Garden Wedding



  • Best Celebrant NSW 2016

     I’m very excited to announce I am honoured to have received the ” Best Celebrant NSW 2016 “

    Award from the Australian Bridal Industry Academy.

    Best Celebrant NSW 2016


    I would like to thank all my wonderful couples for your input into voting for this award as it is your rankings and no one else that got me there. I strive for perfection to make each wedding the very best wedding possible as I really understand that a couple only has one chance to get it right on the day. There is no ” O.K so lets try that again”! Every time I conduct a ceremony it has to be the best one ever and I hope the votes of my couples reflect that it was for them. I am immensely grateful for the loyalty and support my couples of 2015/16 have shown.

    This recognition means so much to me and I will be forever grateful to have received this award.

    Best Celebrant 2016 Award
    ABIA Awards Night Winners Photo Credit Life Studio Inc

    On Tuesday the 6th of December 2016, the Australian Bridal Industry Academy hosted the 20th New South Wales Annual Bridal Industry Awards at the exquisite Dockside Cockle Bay as a means of determining the best wedding crews in New South Wales. A total of 37 categories were acknowledged for the contribution, which they make to the wedding industry.

    A grand total of 6,416 New South Wales couples selected 423 nominees, 290 finalists and 37 winners.

    The Chairman of ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara congratulated Sydney Civil Celebrant Fiona King as a winner of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Award. Mr O’ Meara went onto say that it was businesses like Fiona King’s which enhanced and enriched the industry, through their tireless pursuit of excellence in Designing the Dream for each and every one of their unique wedding couples.

    On behalf of all the New South Wales couples who tied the knot over 2015/2016, we say thank you Fiona King CMC for the passion, pride and professionalism which you bring to the wedding industry and the assistance, advice and support which you bestow upon the future brides and grooms of New South Wales.

    Some lovely reactions to the win from my previous couples:

    Congratulations “Best Celebrant NSW 2016”  WOW! We believe you deserve every point of it! You were an outstanding celebrant for us, and we will always remember you, and our lovely ceremony, with intense pleasure. Thanks for letting us know, and we hope your future continues to be rich and rewarding.

    Robyn & Kim


    Todd & I are SOOOO delighted that you won Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards, “Best Celebrant NSW 2016” We are not at all surprised though! You totally deserved to win!

    I declare an officially celebratory Celebrant Chicken dance is called for!!!

    I can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since we tied the knot (literally) with you!

    We will treasure forever the wonderful ceremony you provided for us and our family & friends Centennial Park. The wording you selected with us could not have been more perfect! It was as if you had known us all our lives. We will always feel SOOOO totally blessed to have met you. It was truly the best wedding gift ever!!!

    Your win highlights how much each and every one of the couples who you unite with such personalised ceremonies treasures the gift you have and give to each and every couple that you meet! While sadly as an adult I may have been forced to query the existence of Santa Claus, no one will ever make me doubt that there really is a Cupid because I not only met her but was married by her!!! May you continue to go forth and and share your gift of uniting love through the galaxy…..

    All our love, admiration and gratitude forever & always will be yours,

    Susie & Todd Philpott

    Dear number one celebrant in nsw (yes that is you)

    We were more than happy to to extend our thanks by voting for you in The Best Celebrant NSW 2016 Awards.  You made our day so very special we could not imagine another person who could have done it better. You will all ways be in our hearts and memories for now and the end of time. Hope 2017 is as powerful and magical as 2016.

    Lots of happy vibes Bradley and Lauren x


  • Looking back on 100’s of Weddings

    Hello out there, first I thought I’d kick off my new website by bloging. As well as taking the time to reflect on the last 6 years. Having conducted 400 weddings in that time.

    Biggining the journey to being a celebrant has been a fabulous ride. Sometimes a wild one with the weather and all! As the only thing you can’t predict or change and us Aussies love an outdoor wedding!

    From the biggining till now, I’ve learnt alot. About people, relationships and myself. Since then I’ve asked myself. What do weddings mean? Furthermore what is the difference is between a wedding – the day to a marriage – the life. How I can help make this most intense of days as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

    100’s of Weddings

    Every couple hopes for a perfect wedding day. When everything lines up like a cosmic sequence of “ it was all meant to be” and I want that for you too. Having been always keenly aware that you only get one shot at a wedding. I only get one chance to get it right for you. Now after years of getting it right ( mostly) I can confess to being quietly petrified of getting it wrong in the first 2 years or so. I’m through that now and every year I fall in love with this work a little more deeply.

    A wedding is a moment, an eternal moment in time as it stays with the couple forever.
    Equally it’s a BIG EXPENSIVE MOMENT that the couple doesn’t really know will work until they are right there at the moment! All the planning is done and the couple has to surrender to the moment, hope the lists are all ticked and everyone does their job!

    100’s of weddings to go

    Right from my very first wedding  I have adored conducting them. Which was at the top of the Quay Restaurant. Smack bang in the most prestigious rooms with a view in Circular Quay. Thanks, Noppawan and David. Starting out at Sydney harbour at the top of the town was a real treat! Thankfully I got it right Phew! Each year has grown both outwardly with more weddings booked and inwardly as I gain a deeper understanding of my clients and how to best serve them.

    Love all my Weddings, this was the very first one

    Onwards and upwards from then on it went. Learning, refining, sharing and with social media keeping the connections. And watching my couples turn into families. It’s a such an honour and blessing to return to the family for baby naming ceremonies, to be asked to conduct a sister, brother or friends wedding and sadly even a funeral or 2. Birth Deaths and Marriages, the stuff life is made of.

    The ABIA Awards

    abia-finalist-officiant-2012 abia-print-runnerup-ceremonymusic13-copyABIA-finalist-20142015-nsw-abia-celebrant_finalist

    It all started in 2012 I had the honour of being nominated for the Australian Bridal Industry Academy’s “Best Celebrant Award NSW”. Wow that was exciting! Only 2 years into the industry and I became a finalist! There are 1000’s of celebrants in NSW. It’s beautiful work and a very competitive industry.

    So I’m really grateful for the nomination and to the ABIA. Being involved in the award has really pushed me to strive for personal excellence. Forthermore, thank you to all the couples who first of all hired me. Trusted me and then after all the excitement of the Big Day nominated and voted. Most importantly, it’s votes of previous couples who determine the winners of the Australian Bridal Industry Awards.


    So I’ll let you know how I go. Maybe one day I might just be known as the very Best Celebrant in NSW! Golly I won!