Commitment Ceremonies in Sydney

The Celebrant to Choose for Your Commitment Ceremony

As a marriage celebrant supporter of marriage equality I look forward to the day everyone can legally say ‘I do’. Until then I welcome all couples who would like a commitment ceremony in Sydney to make an enquiry. All people who love each other are warmly welcomed into my home for an initial consultation. Any of the ideas on my website can be incorporated into a commitment ceremony and will be offered to you. If you’re interested you can register your same-sex union and order a certificate from:

The International Commitment Ceremony Registry:

Some don’t feel the need for a legal marriage yet still would like to publicly declare their unity and celebrate with an unforgettable party. Publicly declaring your love with a commitment ceremony is a profound moment in life with or without paperwork.

Couples who have married overseas may wish to continue the celebrations with a commitment ceremony in Sydney and invite family and friends who were not at the legal wedding. I see these as global weddings, an extension of the wedding experience.

Bringing children into a new relationship can be an important factor in the decision to have a commitment ceremony. I have worked as a dance and drama teacher and enjoy positively engaging with children, making them truly feel like they’re an important part of the event proceedings.

Commitment Ceremonies in Sydney that Celebrate the Diversity of Love

During an initial consultation we will explore the range of options open to you and come up with a commitment ceremony in Sydney that reflects what it is that you would like to celebrate. Collaborating with your ideas is a pleasure; alternatively you can tell me your story and leave it to me to create the ceremony!

When I ask couples what interested them in my website and why they chose me as their celebrant they often answer that it is the range of ceremonies I offer and that I present a non-judgmental appearance online. This makes me happy, as it’s true, my personal mission statement is, “I celebrate the diversity of love and life in the modern world.” For me, that is what being a celebrant is all about!

If you’re looking to arrange a commitment ceremony in Sydney get in touch with me today on 0403 929 159.