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Please take your time to browse around my image galleries below, you will see the great diversity of the couples who have entrusted me to officiate at their wedding and the fun we have had, I love all my couples (they love me too) and have many fond memories of all these wonderful weddings. You'll also see me shift and change to adapt to my couples style and having the time of my life celebrating love! These weddings cover such a diverse range of ceremonies there are a few different galleries to view, I may look surprisingly different from my traditional wedding self to my alternative self ........ really I am being myself all the time, I just have a really big dress up box ...well dress up room actually.

Traditional White Weddings: In this image gallery you will see lots of happy couples looking their fabulous best on their wedding day.

Handfasting - Celtic - Harp Weddings: Handfastings are rapidly growing in popularity, they can be included in all sorts of ceremonies from Traditional through too all the styles of Wedding Ceremonies on offer & photos of my Harp and Celtic Weddings.

Alternative Weddings: It's really up to the couple how they want to present their wedding day. This gallery if full of couples whose walk down the isle was a little less traditional.

Beach & Eco-Green Weddings: Are ideal for couples looking for a relaxed easy going ceremony. Eco down to earth weddings are also a natural extension of a green lifestyle, this Image gallery shows Beach, Eco-Green and Buddhist Singbowl ceremonies.
Pagan Weddings: The acceptance of Pagan Weddings reflect the growing awareness about modern paganism as the fastest growing recognized religion in Australia.

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