Pagan Weddings in Sydney

Pagan Ceremonies honour the energy of nature and the equality and of a couple finding unity in love. As an experienced Pagan wedding celebrant, I have been involved in many ceremonies of this nature including the elements that sustain life.

AIR-FIRE-WATER-EARTH are symbolized by candles for fire, feathers for air, a crystal or natural piece of rock for earth and a cup or special dish for water. These symbols reflect the modern & ancient values of caring for the environment and the equality of man & woman committing to marriage in a sacred way.
Pagan Wedding 1

A beautiful “where sky meets sea and mountains” wedding at Collaroy beach Sydney

Blessing the rings with the singbowl, Pagan Wedding at Balmoral Beach Rotunda

This style of Ceremony is flamboyant with props, candles, goblet, swords, feathers and rocks & crystals to symbolise the 4 elements. After careful historical research I have devised wedding rituals that are drawn from Anglo-Celtic & European heritage. Pre 1700’s most marriages were held outdoors & outside of the church, only landowning families were married inside the church. The customs of handfasting, sword presenting and broomstick jumping are all living history traditions stemming from this time. Jumping broomsticks originates in both Cornwall and Africa.

Jumping the Sword and Broomstick!

Pagan Weddings can be incorporated into period and themed ceremonies.They are often combined with the Handsfasting Ceremony. I have had an interest in this type of spirituality since the 1990’s and fully understand the nature of the symbolism involved.

Pagan ceremonies are family friendly, they are growing in popularity with the general public’s understanding and acceptance. Ceremonies can be simple and discrete or theatrical and fun. As always it’s a choice for the couple to make.

Preparation of Marriage Paperwork

As your celebrant I provide assistance with the paperwork that comes with planning your wedding. It is my job to create all relevant marriage documents and certificates plus register the marriage. Registered Marriage Celebrants in Sydney and across Australia have the same qualification, and it’s our job to ensure all the paperwork is completed to the satisfaction of the N.S.W Dept. of Birth Deaths & Marriages. Take a look at the ‘ Legals & Notice of Intent to Marry’ page. On this page you will find a list of paperwork you are required to provide in order to register your marriage successfully.

Initially we can chat on the phone or email and confirm I am available on your chosen date. If you choose to move forward with me as your celebrant, next step is to sign a Notice of Intent to Marry. Then we can start planning the ceremony.