Everything You Need to Know About Weddings

  • Looking back on 100’s of Weddings

    Hello out there, I thought I’d start my very first blog on my almost new website taking the time to reflect on the last 6 years as a celebrant and the 400 weddings I have now conducted.

    Well been a fabulous ride and sometimes a wild one with the weather and all! The only thing you can’t predict or change and us Aussies love an outdoor wedding!

    I’ve learnt so much along the way about people, relationships and about myself.
    I’ve pondered on the what weddings mean, what the difference is between a wedding - the day to a marriage - the life. How I can help make this most intense of days as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

    Every couple hopes for a perfect wedding day, when everything lines up like a cosmic sequence of “ it was all meant to be” and I want that for you too. I have always keenly aware that you only get one shot at a wedding. I only get one chance to get it right for you. Now after years of getting it right ( mostly) I can confess to being quietly petrified of getting it wrong in the first 2 years or so. I’m through that now and every year I fall in love with this work a little more deeply.

    A wedding is a moment, an eternal moment in time as it stays with the couple forever.
    And it’s a BIG EXPENSIVE MOMENT that the couple doesn’t really know will work until they are right there at the moment! All the planning is done and the couple has to surrender to the moment, hope the lists are all ticked and everyone does their job!

    I loved being a celebrant right from my very first wedding which was at the top of the Quay Restaurant smack bang in the most prestigious rooms with a view in Circular Quay. Thanks, Noppawan and David to getting me started at the top of town on Sydney harbour! I got it right Phew! Each year has grown both outwardly with more weddings booked and inwardly as I gain a deeper understanding of my clients and how to best serve them.

    It was onwards and upwards from then on. Learning, refining, sharing and with social media keeping the connections and watching my couples turn into families. It’s a such an honour and blessing to return to the family for baby naming ceremonies, to be asked to conduct a sister, brother or friends wedding and sadly even a funeral or 2. Birth Deaths and Marriages, the stuff life is made of.


    The ABIA Awards



    In 2012 I had the honour of being nominated for the Australian Bridal Industry Academy’s “Best Celebrant Award NSW”. Wow that was exciting! Only 2 years into the industry and I became a finalist. There are 1000’s of celebrants in NSW. It’s beautiful work and a very competitive industry.

    I’m really grateful for the nomination and to the ABIA. Being involved in the award has really pushed me to strive for personal excellence. Thank you to all the couples who first of all hired me. Trusted me and then after all the excitement of the Big Day nominated and voted for me. It’s votes of previous couples who determine the winners of the Australian Bridal Industry Awards.


    I’ll let you know how I go. One day I might just be known as the very Best Celebrant in NSW!