Everything You Need to Know About Weddings

  • How to be a great Bridesmaid!

    Bridesmaid Etiquette.

    To help understand how you can best support the bride as a Bridesmaid I have put together a list of Bridesmaid’s etiquette.
    Before the wedding help the bride remain calm and focused, everyone has a lot to do and you will all be preparing to look your best however don’t lose sight on the fact that it is her day. Have a bridesmaid who is keeping track of time and limiting any outside factors that might make you late, specially hair and make up artists who want to do the best job but can run overtime.
    After walking down the aisle make sure the bridal gown is looking it’s best, no need to rush this, it’s all part of the ceremony and the photos of you helping her are part of the day.

    The Dress
    Immediately after the ceremony it’s time to literally “Watch her back”, the bride will not be thinking of this ( she just got married !)but she CANNOT walk backwards in a full dress with a train, if the dress is a little to long her shoes can get stuck in the dress, or she may frequently stepp on her dress so keep an eye on this now and for the rest of the night. She may need reminding not to walk backwards, she can trip and fall over!

    After the ceremony you will go for the official photo shoot, delegate a bridesmaid to have make up ready somewhere close by( go get it and keep it with you).
    Common make up issues are for both bride and groom is people may kiss them and they both end up with kiss marks on their face, have powder ready to touch up and wet ones( best thing ever for foundation on suits) or tissues for the groom. White chalk is the best thing for covering lipstick stains on the wedding dress if wet ones does move the stain.

    The Groom
    Grooms often sweat a lot during the ceremony, keep extra tissues handy and alert him to wipe sweat from his face during the photo session.

    The grooms suits often ends up with foundation smudged on his shoulders from kissing and hugging the bride and being congratulated, all the points previously mentioned can end up as issues during the official photo shoot.

    The Reception.
    Often brides don’t eat or drink much( sometimes anything) before the reception, by the end of the photo shoot they can feel quite dizzy and weak. Have some water close by and encourage both bride and groom to keep hydrated. Same when your sitting at the table, of course everyone wants to celebrate but drinking on an empty stomach after such a marathon of a day can really cause the couple to feel unwell to early in the evening, gently remind them to have a glass of water and eat some food!
    Keep an eye on the dress, strapless dresses can drop down and cause embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, alert the bride ASAP if you can see anything she would be embarrassed about. iphones will be on her all night and we don’t want anything on social media that she would not want to be seen.

    The Couples First Dance.
    Have a makeup touch up before the cutting of the cake and the dance.
    Keep an eye on the dress all night, you can have some safety pins and Hollywood tape on hand so she can move around and be comfortable specially just before the couples first dance.
    If needed you can safety pin the petticoats up a bit if she keeps tripping over it. Avoid pinning the outside of the dress as that may tear but underneath should be O.K.

    By doing all these things you will be seen as great friends & bridesmaids who are helping the bride look and feel at her best all day and evening.