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If you are looking for a marriage celebrant in the Sydney region I would love to talk with you regarding your wedding or ceremony. Please feel free to contact me on 0403 929 150 for obligation free interviews. Skype chats are welcome.

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Declaring out loud your love and commitment to marriage is a profound and intimate moment in your life, and the role of wedding celebrant is one of great trust. It’s an important day in your life, but there is plenty of room for fun and self-expression in weddings and it’s my mission as your marriage celebrant or officiant to make your wedding engaging and enjoyable. It’s all about love, your love for each other and sharing your happiness with family & friends who love you too. I get to the heart of your story, as the ceremony is the heart of the wedding.

Consult the wedding celebrant Sydney locals love

Since 2010 I have had the pleasure and privilege of conducting hundreds of weddings. During this time I have gained invaluable experience I’m happy to share and formed an understanding of what a couple needs to feel supported. Certainty is important, I keep the paperwork simple and efficient + I’m never EVER late! Browse around my website for the many styles of weddings and other ceremonies on offer; as you can see from my photo galleries I have the personality and flexibility as a wedding celebrant to work in with your style, yet still remain myself. At the end of the day it’s all about what works best for you. Music it my ears is when your guests mention “that ceremony was so you 2”. In addition to the joy I get from building relationships with people as a Sydney wedding celebrant, I also play harp and when asked to, love to incorporate the two. If you have already chosen your special songs, that’s great too; my powerful Sound System system will ensure you will hear that favourite tune miles away!

Weddings for overseas visitors and visa applications.

As an experienced Sydney wedding celebrant and officiant I have conducted many weddings for overseas visitors. All paperwork can be organised in advance of a couple arriving in Australia for a wedding in Sydney, I will give you clear instructions on how to complete paperwork. Having experience with what is required for couples on visas and applying for immigration I can help you in my role as a Sydney wedding celebrant in this regard. Please contact me if you need clarification on any matter that might be relevant specifically to you.

Being a full time Marriage Officiant I’m available for weddings during the week and evening. Wednesday is a popular wedding day for families flying in from China and other Asian Countries for a mid week wedding and Sydney Harbour is a spectacular location, wedding vendors will offer great deals on a mid week weddings + the hotels are cheaper too.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information. You have absolutely no obligations at all. I’d love to hear from you! You can click on the button to the right to send me an email direct from the website. Or if you prefer, call me on my mobile at 0403 929 150.